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Having trouble with BreakTime?

Can I use AppleScript with BreakTime?

Yes, we added support for scripting in BreakTime 2.2. You can download some simple scripts showing examples here: Scripts.

None of the settings work in BreakTime!

This seems to be an issue with the sandboxing feature in Lion. We recommend you do a clean install of BreakTime as that seems to resolve issues for people. To help out with the process we've made a little script we hope will help. You can download it here. Just unzip the folder and follow the instructions in instructions.txt. You can also use this script to completely uninstall BreakTime if you'd like.

BreakTime crashes on launch!

This is often due to a bug in Lion's sandboxing feature. You'll experience this with any application that is sandboxed and hasn't been run before. Users have reported that symlinks in their home directory can cause this issue. They've reported success removing the symlinks, launching the sandboxed app (in this case BreakTime), quitting the app and then restoring the symlink. Other users have reported success by simply repairing permissions on their disk.

I can't click BreakTime's buttons

If BreakTime has 'enforce' enabled and Mission Control is on screen when a break starts, you'll be unable to dismiss BreakTime. Currently, putting your computer to sleep and reawakening it seem to work around the issue. We're talked with Apple engineers and they've assured us they're fixing the issue in Mountain Lion.

BreakTime starts on login even though the checkbox isn't checked.

BreakTime no longer adds itself to user account login items to startup on login. See Apple's support article to find out how to remove BreakTime from your login items.

BreakTime doesn't show up in front of full screen apps

As far as we can tell, this is a bug in Lion. We're working on finding a way to get Apple to fix this and will post a fix as soon as we have it.

Keep your OS up to date

Keeping your OS up to date means having the latest security and bug fixes. Sometimes bugs in the OS cause problems with BreakTime. Make sure to stay up to date.

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